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We Show You How Nature Is !!

             Real India is rural India. Almost 74% of the population is in rural areas. For the development of rural India, government is promoting rural tourism. Rural tourism showcases the rural life in India, the art, culture and heritage, the nature and wild life and various other aspects of rural India. The rural India has a great potential to attract foreign tourists. The rural tourism helps in improving lives of rural people and maintaining the quality of environment.


           The tourism industry in India is substantial and vibrant, and the country is fast becoming a major global destination.

           Several reasons are cited for the growth and prosperity of India’s travel and tourism industry. Economic growth has added millions annually to the ranks of India’s middle class, a group that is driving domestic tourism growth. Disposable income in India has grown by 10.11% annually from 2006-2009, and much of that is being spent on travel.

          Foreign tourist spends more in India than almost any other country worldwide. Tourist arrivals are projected to increase by over 22% per year through till 2010; with a 33% increase in foreign exchange earnings recorded in 2008.


 What We Show You:


            Besides enjoying the brilliant weather, typical rural settings, and some breathtaking views of, you can indulge in some farming with real farmers around the local area in Mahableshwar.

            Special arrangements for you to enjoy a farm safari, riding a bullock cart, cattle feeding and hut making. Get your hands dirty in clay while making your own clay pots and toys that you can take back home.

            Some really enjoyable and fun filled activities that form a typical routine of Indian villages. Churning butter with wooden hand churner, grinding rice with hand grinder, cooking in a chulha (clay oven).


             If you are adventurous enough, we have river crossing and mountain trail for you. Discover the beauty of nature with more than 30 varieties of flowers and 20 varieties of birds.